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      • We have a fancy new name! Sort of.

        If you follow us on your social networks, you've likely heard about our pending name change. If not, let me fill you in.

        Our current name is PinkLilyBoutique.com.

        We are relaunching our site as GEMSUGAR.com in the coming days, and have already begun the process. Currently, our new domain name, gemsugar.com is up and running. However, during and after the change, you will still be able to type PinkLilyBoutique.com into your browser. It will redirect to gemsugar.com.



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      • Life of the Party

        When I moved into a new apartment,I purchased a fantastic bar cart at Target. I practically skipped as I rolled it from the car to the front door. I even found the perfect place for it--nestled in the corner of our dining area, right next to the door to the patio. My joy was only dampened when I stared at the pretty bar cart, and realized that I had absolutely no idea what to do with it.



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